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China Females Value “Electric Auto Range” less than Males

Women in China value On the Road charging capability more than Men, say 6000 auto shoppers on in Jan/Feb 2018. Biggest difference in charging preference between genders is for Wireless Charging. These Women value the vehicle’s Electric Range less than Men do.

Chevy, Ford among Top 5 Brands Preferred

Chevy & Ford were among the top 5 brands preferred by shoppers on from Sept 2017 thru Feb 2018. 25000 “intenders” rated brand preference. Toyota was top brand, Audi led German Lux, Genesis was least preferred Lux brand. More than 20 brands exceeded Tesla.

Truck “Intenders” use MyProductAdvisor

MyProductAdvisor boasts Qualified Sample of nearly 6000 Truck Preferers during 2017, & over 7000 Truck Considerers. 70% of Preferers were men. Brands they were replacing led by Ford, Chevy & Toyota. Top Brands strongly preferred for new purchase were the same, and included GMC.

Dealers reach Shoppers through MyProductAdvisor

Auto shoppers can contact Dealers directly from specific Recommendations on MPA. 3500 requested Dealer intro from MPA. 90% of Dealer Intro Recs are a match to the shopper’s stated MPA preferences across brand and body type. 80% have MSRP within their stated price range on MPA.

MyProductAdvisor China captures Female Intender Preferences

MyProductAdvisor generated qualified, intender sample from approx 3500 female users in China during 2017. Women voluntarily engaged in MPA in “real-time“, answering an avg of 60 questions across a variety of 15 attributes & 45 features. 88% of the women were between age 25 & 54.

MyProductAdvisor launches “New Versions”

MyProductAdvisor will launch core “New Versions” in US and China Jan 1, 2018.  Enhanced for “Mobility as a Service”, Autonomous, Electrification.  Additional supporting solutions to address “Future of Mobility” available in January and April for US & China respectively. surpasses major Auto Brand sites surpassed major Auto Brand sites during 2017, including GM & Ford, by over 400% on average for real-time intender session duration (Google Analytics).  Shoppers appreciate depth, unbiased and “non-filtering” characteristics. reflects “China’s Consumer Confidence Index” reveals a steadily increasing “Avg Max Price” willingness to pay since summer 2016 for auto shoppers in China.  Data through Sept 2017 confirms that official Consumer Confidence Index supports MPA assertion, in a very similar trajectory over same time period.  

New Cars, SUVs and Trucks added to MyProductAdvisor in November

Over 120 brand new 2018 models recently added to MyProductAdvisor – now available to you for your auto recommendations based on what you value the most. Go to MyProductAdvisor today and see if these new models match your preferences! outpaces EV sites… drew nearly 1000% more NEW real-time users on avg than US EV sites during 2017, capturing “intender attention” nearly 700% longer (Google Analytics). Intenders value depth, relevance, unbiased, “in overall context” nature of the Advisor.