“This Tool was Amazing.”

What we love to hear at MyProductAdvisor!

To Product Advisor Team,

This tool was amazing.
Have been car shopping for about 1 year, and had created my own list of top picks. You’ve clearly done your homework.

Your top 10 picks had 8 of my own…and virtually in the same order…
You matched my #1 pick !

Although we’re here in Canada (I suspect you’re USA based), I will be recommending MPA to colleagues and friends.

Thanks for confirming my instincts, and for giving us more to think about prompted by the thoroughness of your questionnaire.
I wonder, maybe you folks might like to know if the car we finally invest in turns out to be one of your top 10 for us?

In the meantime, now we’re looking forward to booking some test-drives ~

Kind Regards,

J&P K.