Women and Men Favor Different New Car Attributes this Winter

According to the recent anonymous preferences of over 8,000 “in-market” US car shoppers visiting MyProductAdvisor.com, men and women put different importance on car attributes relevant to the weather this season. Women are putting more value than men on staying comfortably warm, with 15% and 17% higher preference for front heated seats and remote starters respectively. Men on the other hand are more concerned with the driving experience in bad weather… rating all-wheel drive, handling, and high-intensity discharge headlights 13% to 33% higher than women on average. In addition, women also prioritize attributes such as price, fuel economy, and safety rating more than men, who place more importance on acceleration, styling, and appearance features. Although these shopping trends are based on thousands of shoppers, every individual has unique preferences. What attributes and features are important to you when looking for a new car?